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From the following list of technology used in class so far, choose three and analyze their use in class. Do they help the learning process? Are they a distraction from the process?   Do they enhance classroom experiences?  What other courses and uses do they have?

1. A SMART board is basically a modern day, more complex yet simple chalkboard which is being used more and more everyday in classrooms. SMART boards enhances learning because of its advanced features. Mostly used in math class, it is quick and effective since it allows the teacher to write quicker and neater and draw perfect shapes. One of its unique features is playing with remote-like objects known as clickers.

2. Clickers are usually used in class for pop quizzes or class discussions involving surveys, opinions, etc. I think that using clickers are effective because they allow participation from all students, both outgoing and shy. By using clickers, students no longer have to fear being faced with embarrassment for answering a question wrong, since everything (can be) set to anonymous! These clickers help the learning process because students are: learning how technology can be effective and not just for fun and games; it encourages student participation; and it still allows students to learn from their mistakes to prevent mistakes from happening again.

3. Blogs are very flexible and can be put to good use. I think if teachers gave assignments in some form of “blogging”, it would generate more positive outcomes than it will negative outcomes. I think blogging is good for assignments because it provides more flexibility for students in terms of the amount of time they have to complete an assignment. Yes, more teachers are allowing students to email in assignments, but teachers are still putting that restriction on students (i.e., “if you don’t email your assignment in by 11:59pm on Wednesday, it will be considered late and a mark of zero will be given, no excuses whatsoever”). What if that student had an emergency and didn’t get home until 12:00am? The student would be automatically given a mark of zero. By having the student blog it out, it will allow the student to stay up and complete it and get the mark. Also, by blogging it will make the assignment feel less assignment-y and more like a regular, casual blog entry, which could possibly establish an understanding between the student and teacher. Blogging is also a great way to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Remember, sharing is caring!

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